Trip journal - where we've been and what we've hauled

  • December 2014 - Don Sr. is running a small add in Hemmings and doing local trips with the one and two car enclosed trailers, and until further notice, long haul operations with the tractor trailer are on hold as ever increasing commercial insurance requirements and never ending DOT hurdles are making it very difficult for small independent companies like ours to remain in business.  Bicentennial Transport will remain a legal entity, and all the trucks and equipment are being retained, so when operations begin again, we will post updates here in addition to resuming advertising etc.  Thanks to all our long term and sometimes lifelong customers, and please do not hesitate to call in the meantime for local New England hauls, or specialty hauls to and from car shows, both of which we will continue to do in the meantime. 
  • November 2014 - What may be the last long haul trip for a while, Don Sr. took yet another trip coast to coast, prompted by both a commitment to a long time customer, and to the fact that a personal vehicle was sold in California, and delivering it was part of the purchase agreement.  So, Sr., after finishing his pickups in the Philadelphia area, headed out with a full truck, including our Mercedes 350SL, a totally trashed, smashed, and burned Mercedes 190SL, and then two cars for our Australian friend, including a really nice 1916 Chevrolet and a 1957 TBird.  On the way home we scrambled to fill a load, but ended up with a two step trip, first delivering a 1990's Mercedes SL and a customized 1980's Chevy pickup into Texas and Kansas, and then picking up 2 1966 Dodge Chargers and a Honda DelSol in Kansas and Nebraska respectively. 
  • September 2014 - We had back to back trips to the west coast with the Sterling, with Don Sr. taking the first one, and Don, Deanna, and Lincoln the second.  On the way out for both trips were Navy cradles on the step deck flatbed.  Don Sr. also had a 1973 Mustang, then a 1965 Mustang on the way home.  Then he had two later model cars which delivered to the Chicago area, a Jeep and a wrecked Acura, where he then picked up a old Studebaker and then a late model BMW X5, both of which came back to New England.  As the second Navy cradle was ready upon his return, and not wanting to go back to back, the younger Descoteaux clan braved the challenges of trucking with a baby, and took off a few days after Sr's return.  After delivering, they had a combination of flatbed freight and cars on their way home, including and MGTD, and then a huge F550 truck.  To finish the load, they had two Japanese mini trucks and then a series of pallets holding a walk in commercial refrigeration unit, the latter two items going to a farm in VT.  Although we didn't think we would attempt such a trip, everything is better in hindsight, and Lincoln handled it like a trooper, and Mom and Dad look back remembering only the positives. 
  • July 2014 - Don Jr., Deanna, and Lincoln had our expirmental trip in the Sterling with the wedge trailer this month, delivering 3 late model cars, including an auction sale high end Mercedes sedan, and then a wrecked Mercedes SUV and an inop 15 passanger van, all delivering near Cleveland, and then we picked up 2 1950's Studebaker coupes from western Ohio, to be delivered to our customer in Maine.  At the end of the month, the three NH Descoteaux's also had a show haul, bringing a magnificent 1932 Chrysler roadster from New Hampshire to the St. John's Concourse show near Detroit, and then back home once the show concluded. 
  • June 2014 - Don Sr. took another Navy cradle on the Sterling with the step deck trailer this month to southern California.  On the west coast, he also had a haul with a two unrestored vintage cars, an early Porsche 911 and an Austin Healy.  On the way back home, he stopped in Tucson to pick up a 1970's Dodge truck cab for Lincoln's future plow truck, a 1970's Dodge truck bed which we'll attempt to sell, and then he also had for customers, a late model Chrysler Pacifica SUV and a 1960's Dodge pickup as well. 
  • May 22, 2014 - We never ended up taking the February trip, but did re start operations in April of this year.  Since then, there have been two trips cross country already.  Don, Deanna, and Lincoln took the first one with the truck camper and two car enclosed trailer, making a working vacation including visiting family in St. Louis and in California.  We had a 1969 Dodge Dart and 4 antique motorcycles on the way west, and a 1980's Audi coupe, a 1980's Dodge truck cab, and a motorcycle heading back east.  Lincoln's maiden voyage was a complete success and it seems as if he was born into the correct family.  Immediately upon our return, Poppy headed west with the Sterling and the stepdeck trailer, delivering another Navy submarine cradle to southern California.  In addition, he had a DKW pickup and a Volkswagon camper van while on the west coast, and then a 1948 Chevy Panel Truck and a 1950's Dodge WC jeep/truck coming home.  It appears there will be coast to coast runs every 6 weeks or so through the summer based on our current bookings, although there may be limited spaces available, so please do not hesitate to inquiry with your needs. 
  • January 10, 2014 - Happy New Year to all of our friends and customers.  Its hard to figure where the time has gone with the new baby, and we haven't had any long haul trips recently, although Don Sr. is doing a few local New England jobs each week still.  We are working on a west coast run for sometime in February, and have room on the homebound side for 2 or 3 cars at this point.  Otherwise, there will be limited operations in 2014, with maybe another few California trips possible in the spring and summer months.  And of course, if you have any immediate needs in our about New England, feel free to email for an immediate quote. 
  • October 20, 2013 - Don Sr. has been doing some local work, while Don and Deanna, and Lincoln have been staying close to home.  We had a roundtrip to Florida this past week with a Mercedes roadster down and a Corvette roadster back.  Don Sr. also went to both Stafford Springs CT, Hershey, and Carlisle, over the previous 3 weekends. 
  • August 9, 2013 - Don Jr, Deanna, Baby L, and TJ went trucking to Iowa this past week.  On the way out we had a BMW SUV and a commercial zero turn lawnmower to Indianna, and then a Volvo SUV and a John Deere tractor to Iowa.  We then picked up a 1956 Dodge parts car, from its resting location for over 40 years in a field, ugh, as well as a Ford truck in Indianna coming back east as well.   We have two trips, including one with PA and upstate NY coming up soon, and then a trip to Florida tentatively planned for early to mid September. 
  • July 29, 2013 - Don Sr. went down the east coast as planned, with deliveries and pickups throughout Georgia.  On the southbound leg there was Jeep Wrangler, a new Taurus, an unrestored Porsche 928 and a motorcycle.  On the way back north, we had a 1938 Dodge ratrod pickup that our nephew TJ was in love with, a really nice 1970 Chevy pickup, and a new 20' enclosed trailer that Sr. bought for himself. 
  • July 9,  2013 - Don Sr. took the Sterling out on its maiden work trip, towing the 3 car hybrid trailer to the west coast with 1 enclosed space and two open spaces.  We had a Chevy Cobalt to Arizona and then a 1958 Chevy wagon filled that space to CA.  We also had a Pontiac G6 to the midwest and then a 1929 Caddy in that spot onto CA.  Finally, we had a 1916 Chevrolet from OH to CA as well.  On the way home, we had an unrestored 1956 Dual Ghia, and a 1979 Dodge Class C RV which took up the remaining two spaces.  After delivering the Dodge to PA, we finished the trip with a late model Mercury SUV up to Boston.  A potential trip down the east coast is now being planned for the next few weeks with a few spots available in each direction. 
  • May 29, 2013 - During the last month, we've taken a little maintenance / reorganization vacation.  Part of the plan was to place the 6 car tractor trailer up for sale, due to a planned semi-retirement by Don Sr. and due to the wonderful news that Don Jr. and Deanna recieved - that we are expecting a baby after 20 years of marriage.  The big truck did sell earlier this week, and we are now working on preparing the Sterling with the 4 car hauler to continue operations, although on a somewhat more limited basis.  It is our intention to still make a few west coast trips per year - actually have one being currently scheduled for mid June.  We will also be taking a limited number of snow-bird cars back and forth to Florida each spring and fall, and then will fill in with other runs, mostly in the northeast, as time and desire permits.  There are one or two spaces each direction for the upcoming west coast trip, so please feel free to call or email to discuss having your special vehicle hauled by us. 
  • April 5, 2013 - Don Sr. did end up going back to California immediately upon our return from the February trip.  Heading out, we had one of the Navy submarine stantions that we've previously hauled out of NH to various installation facilities, this time to Port Hueneme near Los Angeles.  While out on the west coast, we had a small job with a Kioti tractor and a Porsche 911 as well.  Finally, coming home, we had two cars on the main deck, a 1956 Dodge and a 1940's pickup, plus 3 Taylor Dunn people mover carts up on the recently built topdeck.  We do have at least one, maybe two Florida snowbird trips coming up later this month and into early May.  We can offer great deals on southbound vehicles down the east coast, and we still have openings for those returning back north after their winter's in the sunny south. 
  • February 28, 2013 - The flatbed California trip got delayed once again, so we swapped and headed west with the ENCLOSED carrier.  Don Jr. and Don Sr. team drove on this trip - which was the first time in many years that they were on the road together in the same truck.  On the outbound leg, we started out with a full load including a big 1961 Pontiac convertible, a 1948 Desoto, a 1936 Packard, a beatiful 1955 Chevy BelAir convertible, and two unrestored cars - a Jag XKE convertible and a tiny BMW Isetta.  The Pontiac and the Desoto delivered on route, and we picked up a new 2013 Mercedes S550 and an unrestored 1955 Ford convertible to fill the truck back up.  It turned out that the Mercedes ended up being a gift from LA Dodgers centerfielded Matt Kemp to his mom - our first of two celebrity encounters on this particular trip.  On the eastbound leg, we left California with a full load, including a 1936 Chevy, a 1968 Corvette, a 1965 Chevy lowrider, an openwheel Formula1 style race car, a Shelby Cobra replica, and finally a beautiful 1974 2002 BMW turbo - which delivered to Graham Rahal, IndyCar driver and son of famous Nascar driver Bobby Rahal - the second celebrity encounter in as many weeks.  The much delayed open west coast trip is now pretty firmly set to depart later this week, and there may be one remaining space on the return trip at this point, so please call or email to discuss your needs.   
  • January 2013 - Don Jr. and Deanna took a small trip to the midwest.  We brought a new Fiat 500 to upstate New York and spent a day visiting with friends, then delivered a GTO to Toledo to be chemically stripped prior to restoration, then a 55 Chevy to Doylestown PA to be restored there, and then a motorcycle back to Boston.  While in southeastern PA, we met up Don Sr. to load the big truck for the first west coast run of the year.  Sr. brought down a VW Baja bug which D&D delivered to Philly while we were down there too.  The load to the west coast includes 4 vehicles for a customer who is relocating out to southern California, but the sizes filled the tractor trailer.  The only small car was a late model super low mile Mustang GT.  Then there was a full size 4wd Ford super cab truck, and a big 1930's Lincoln, and the biggest vehicle, was a 2-ton 1942 Cab over Ford which had to be loaded in the rear and backwards to fit.  As of Jan 22 Sr. has already delivered to CA, reloaded in northern California and Nevada, and is on his back east.  As there was a last minute cancellation, we only have 5 cars on board.  They include a new Shelby Mustang, not the factory version, the real hotrod version out of Las Vegas, plus a 1932 Ford streetrod, a nice 1969 Camaro, a 1940's Willys Jeep, and an unrestored 1939 Ford.  Towards the end of the month, Don and Deanna went back out to Indianna/Ohio to refetch the GTO we had brought earlier in the month.  On our way out we delivered a 1930's Chrysler, and also picked up a Model T Paddy Wagon.  As there were 4 days of downtime, we spent time visiting museums in Dayton Ohio, and on our way home, timed our visit to Punstawny PA perfectly, as we joined 20K other crazy people to see Phil in person on GroundHog Day 2013!  In the upcoming weeks there is a west coast open carrier trip planned, and the upcoming west coast ENCLOSED trip is already starting to fill up with a departure planned in the first week of February. 
  • 2013 is almost here...In the New Year we have two likely west coast trips being planned, one with a flat bed trailer and one with the ENCLOSED hauler.  At this point, the westbound legs are either full, or very close to being full, but there is room on both planned trips for cars, trucks, boats, etc. heading back east.  We will be checking emails right through the Holidays, so feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss our hauling services.   And, to all our current and potential customers - HAPPY HOLIDAYS and best wishes for the NEW YEAR!
  • December 20, 2012 - Deanna and Don Jr. took a workcation to Florida last week.  In a two car trailer behind the truck camper, we had a Toyota MR2 and a late model Tbird heading south.  On the return trip we had a Myers 3 wheel electric car plus a big BMW SUV.  On route we spent a day at Mount Vernon in Virginia, and in Florida spent a day at EPCOT for the Christmas Around the World Holiday celebration, as well as just enjoying the non-winter southern weather for a few days in between delivering and picking up cars. 
  • November 2012 - We had some maintenance work done on the truck earlier this month, and by the time the truck was ready, there wasn't time to squeeze a west coast trip in and still get Sr. home for Thanksgiving.  So, he took a bit of time off, and we gathered up all the cars and loaded the truck, so that after Turkey day, he could head straight out.  He has already delivered a Model T to Ohio, and picked up a 1914 Chevy and a 1929 Chevy in Illinois and Nebraska respectively.  Also on board from New England are a huge 1960's Cadillac convertible, an oversized 1959 Chevy truck, another 1929 Chevy roadster, and a 1960's Pontiac GTO convertible.  As of this morning, the truck is full heading back home, with a Harley motorcycle, a Golf Cart utility vehicle, a late model VW, a 1917 Dodge touring car, a 1966 GTO, and a 1975 Caddy convertible. 
  • October 30, 2012 - Sr. just finished a 'snowbird' Florida trip.  We had a full load heading south, including cars for a few of our regular customers, plus two new referalls who will hopefully become regulars!  Going south we had a 1980's SL Mercedes, a Cadillac Allante pace car, a late model supercharged Audi 8, a beautiful TR6, and newer BMW Z4, and then a daily driver Toyota Corolla and a wrecked Suzuki motorcycle.  The load coming home was light to say the least, including only a 1960's TBird and a mid-sized inflatable boat.
  • October 15, 2012 - We had a blast from the past on this trip, as our long time friend, and former driver Jim, decided to hit the long haul road again for a west coast trip.  Jim drove for us for many years, but then got married and decided to take a driving job which kept him closer to home.  Having a few weeks off, and maybe having the itch to cross the country again, he filled in for Sr. for two weeks and ran out to California for us.  On the way west, we had a unique, but very large, stretched and raised 1950 Ford ambulance, a 1980 Corvette, a Cobra replica, an unrestored 1960's Plymouth Roadrunner, a 1920's Studebaker, and a very small motorcycle.  Unfortunately the ambulance prevented us from fitting the 6th car, but rest assured, the truck was filled!  On the way home, we had 5 cars, as we had a last minute cancellation that I wasn't able to re-fill.  So, Jim had a 1970 Charger hotrod, a Jeep SR8 SUV, an unbelievable custom built Ford Model T speedster, a late model Corvette, and a 1970 Roadrunner.  All went well with Jim's adventure, although he was anxious and glad to be back home!
  • September 28, 2012 - Don Sr. took a quick trip down to southern Georgia to bring back of load of enclosed utility trailers for resale at his shop in CT.  To fill the 53' wedge trailer on the way south, we delivered 3 late model auction cars, a Honda and two Acuras, down to Atlanta. 
  • September 5, 2012 - Running to the west coast via the most northerly routes seems to be a trend this year.  Sr. is already on his way back east, having brought a 1946 Plymouth and a 1975 Buick Convertible to LA for export to Australia.  On his way via Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, etc., he brought a 1952 Chevy pickup and an old Jeep Willys to Seattle WA.  His last delivery is a 1968 Camaro convertible in Phoenix.  While coming down the west coast, he picked up an ecclectic load, including an inop 1968 Mustang, a Husquavarna motorcycle, a jetski mounted on its trailer, a dune buggy, a 1973 Mustang Mach1, and an unusual 1961 Borward (German made similiar to a Mercedes).  Plans are still to pickup a Roush Mustang when the Camaro comes out, and as the 68 Mustang is delivering on route, we have plans to fill that space with a 1968 Firebird.  While Sr. was on this trip, Deanna and Don took a small run out to the Ozark region of Missouri, delivering a 1953 Ford Wagon and returning with a 1970 Citroen and a John Deere garden tractor. 
  • August 10, 2012 - Although the 6 car trailer is fixed, we had a flatbed load to CA, bringing a US Navy submarine cradle, so Sr. made a quick trip out and back.  We also delivered a little go-cart which had come from the west coast on the last trip which we hadn't been able to deliver due to the breakdown.  On the return trip we had a 47 Dodge from NC for export to Australia, as well as a Mercedes SUV and a 1976 Caddy.  The Mercedes and Caddy delivered prior to Kentucky, so that we could purposely pick up another load of utility and flatbed trailers for resale up in CT and NH. 
  • July 20, 2012 - As a filler job while the 6 car trailer was being worked on, Sr. took the 3 car open trailer down to Georgia to pick up another load of enclosed trailers for resale.  We found 3 vehicles heading south, including a Camaro Z28 from the 1970's, and two regular cars, a Jeep Liberty and a rough older Porsche 928. 
  •  July 2012 - Likely as a result of the 'hard running' over the last few months, we'd had a number of mechanical issues, including rebuilding the engine in the truck, a coolant system issue, normal trailer tire issues, and a big breakdown with the hydraulic system inside the stacking trailer.  So, in the first few weeks of this month, we spent time to resolve the trailer issue, which as patched back together on the road to limp home, and this project unfortunaey took much longer than anticipated.    
  • Late June 2012 - Although we don't typically do west coast runs so close to one another, but a long time customer needed a full load of six cars brought out to CA, so we started immediate plans for another run.  The FOMOCO load going out included a 1969 Couger XR7, 2 original Shelby Mustangs, 2 later model Mustang race cars, and a beautiful Galaxy.  The return trip proved to be difficult to fill, considering we were just there a few weeks earlier, but we came up with a combination of vehicles which eventually filled the truck.  This included a high performance gocart, a Husaburg dirt bike, a Honda streetbike, a brand new Fiat 500 to be given as an anniversary present, and a 1950's Morgan Plus4 which all went to New England.  We also dropped off a late model hiperf Corvette in Indianna.  Lastly, we hauled the Munster Mobile, from the 60's TV show, from LA to Chicago, where it is being sold in a "Hollywood Movie Car" themed sale.  In the empty spot, we picked up two early BMW 2002's, which went to another long time customer who restores the little cars in CT. 
  • Early June 2012 - Sr. is a few days into another west coast run.  Interestingly, many of the cars on this particular trip are headed for the LA ports for export to Australia.  Going part way - up to the northern plains, were a Landrover and a new BMW.  These two were replaced with a 1941 Pontiac and a beautiful 1970 Mustang, both of these being bound for Australia.  In addition, we have an awsome little Anglia drag car, a 1956 Buick, and an unrestored MGA all bound for Australia as well, and lastly, a Sunbeam Talbot going to LA for a restoration.  UPDATE on return trip...we managed to fill the truck coming home, including deliveries on route of a 912 Porsche to Texas, a Mustang GT Cobra to Georgia, a 1903 Olds curved dash and a BMW Z3 race car to PA, and then the last three went to New England, including a1969 Olds for a repeat customer who is buying these up on the west coast, a later model VW GTI, and an original unrestored 1961 Corvette which has been in the same family since new! 
  • May 2012 - STILL...It was a busy month, and Sr. and Jr. squeezed in a run to Georgia to pick up enclosed cargo trailers for sale back home.  Going down we took 2 Bobcat skidsteer loaders and a big utility van on the 3 car wedge, and then brought home 4 trailers, including a new 18' car hauler for the trucking company.
  • May 2012 - After Kentucky, we loaded up for a spring Florida snowbird run.  Pickins were slim going down, with only motorcycle, a GEM electric car, and a Caddy in the truck.  We had a full load heading back north, including a number of regular and repeat customers, including a 1958 Corvette, a late model Jaguar roadster, a new BMW 5 series, a new BMW Z4, a Plymouth Satellite Roadrunner, Model A Ford pickup truck.  While Sr. was doing the Florida trip, Deanna and Jr took a trip out to Wisconsin and Minnesota.  On the way out we had a small Kubota Tractor, a Jeep Wrangler, and a Nash Metropolitan.  On the way back, we hauled a small dirt screening plant, an unrestored Austin Healy Bugeye Sprite, and because there is a first time for everything, two life size fiberglass cows which went to New Hampshire to Story Land amusement park.  We got more beeps, thumbs up, and photos taken of the Betsy and Bessie then we do with highend classic cars on the trailers! 
  • May 2012 - Sr. went down to Kentucky to pick up a load of flatbed and utility trailers for us to sell.  On the way down we had a concoction of less than stellar cars, including a nasty junkyard Dodge pickup, a daily driver Honda, and a wholesale Chevy Tahoe on the three car wedge trailer. 
  • April 12, 2012 - Don Sr. is in the early stages of his next coast to coast run.  In contrast to the last "quick" trip, this one is going to be a doosey!  He his following the Canadian Border west, down the whole length of the west coast, and then home on a southerly route - it is probably going to be over 8000 miles, and 3-4 weeks as our best guess.  He loaded up over the weekend with a 1964 Pontiac convertible, a hotrod V12 Mercedes roadster, a late model Corvette, a Shelby Cobra, a 1970's Vette, and a Porsche 928 - for deliveries in MN, ND, MT, WA, and OR on his way left.  We then picked up a GEM electric car and aToyota to fill out the trip westbound.  On the way back home, we had 2 late model Mustang race cars, a 1969 Olds Cutluss, an Fiat 500 micro car, a beautiful 1960's Alfa Romeo, a Lotus that went to F40 Motorsports (of Chasing Classics TV Show fame) and a Ferrari 360 Modena. 
  • April 6, 2012 - After the west coast trip in March, Sr and I took a trip together down to Georgia to pick up a new 24' enclosed trailer for the business, plus another 24'er to be sold down in CT.  On the 3 car wedge, we brought 3 streetrods from CT to a consignment shop in NC to be sold, and passerby's said they looked like Easter eggs, as one was purple, one was pink, and one was yellow!  And just because we are gluttons for punishment, on the way back, we managed to fit an MG and an old Willys Jeep into one of the two enclosed trailers, and a single axle enclosed trailer in the other 24'er, so we really maximized the return trip - although getting the loaded 24' trailers on and off of the wedge turned out to be quite a project - but everything made it home safe and sound! 
  • March 2012 - Don and Deanna had two small local runs, one for the World of Wheels show in Boston, and the other for the Frank Marotta Auto Show in Hartford, to bring a beautiful custom F350 show truck back and forth.  It was the trial run for the 38' Dorsey trailer, and she and the Sterling did fine together.  TJ went with us to help out - and he enjoyed the Monster Truck, but wanted to know why it wasn't muddy!
  • March, 2012 - In March, Don Sr. took another coast to coast trip, although we concentrated in so-Cal only, and it was a relatively quick out and back. Going west we had 57 Chevy to Missouri and a 1980's Pontiac Aero Coupe to Indianna.  Another 57 Chevy and a 1965 Ford Mustang filled these two spots from Missouri to Arizona.  In addition there was a 1966 GTO, a Porsche 911, a Lotus, and an Acura sedan.  On the way back home we had a Dune Buggy, a Jag XKE roadster, a beautiful 1980's Ferrari 308, a 1960's Porsche 911, a 1964 Ford which was being converted into a Thunderbolt replica, and a 1969 Oldsmobile.
  • February 23, 2012 -  All the cars from the last west coast trip were at their new homes as of about two weeks ago.  Sr. took a few weeks of R&R, but was back on the road as of this weekend.  He headed down to Kentucky, with the primary purpose being to bring home a load of utility trailers for resale in New England.  As such, we had an open flat bed trailer for this run, so we had somewhat less exotic cars on our south bound trip.  On the wedge trailer, we fit a model A hotrod pickup, built in the 60's and sitting outside for the last 20 years - although Sr. and I both agreed the sad little truck had potential!  In addition, we had a 1992 Dodge Caravan, an in process Subura project car, and a newer Ford Flex crossover SUV.  In addition to the trailers, we also managed to fit on a Ford F450 truck for the ride back north.  In the first week of March, we are heading back to the west coast, and then it will be snowbird trips in later March and through April - so please keep us in mind for any of these upcoming ventures.
  • January 22, 2012 - We finished up the last Florida trip with an empty northbound return.  Needless to say, that wasn't good, but for whatever reason there simply appeared to be nothing heading north.  Oh well, Sr. made good time with the no weight and the wind at his back.  We promptly loaded up for a west coast run soon after his return.  At the time of writing he has already been to southern California and was back in Scottsdale Arizona at the big car auctions already.  West bound we had a 1940 Mercury Coupe, an unrestored 1956 Mercury Convtible, an original 1959 Chevy, an AC Cobra replica, a late model Subaru WRX, and a partially finished 1950 Merc leadsled.  The '59 Chevy came out in Ohio and we filled that space with an urestored 1962 Mercedes SL.  Then in Scottsdale, the Cobra, '40 Merc, and '50 Merc all came out, and we picked up another antique unrestored SL Mercedes for the last leg into California.  Between pickups in California and Arizona, we are now fully loaded to return back east, including a Chevy Elcamino, a rice rocket motorcycle, the chassis from a 1937 Ford, a partially finished Fiero kit car, a Model A Ford, a 1980's Toyota Supra and a 1967 Firebird, plus a dissasembled motorcycle a custom hood, and tomorrow morning he picks up a dodge pickup truck bed - the truck will definitely be full!  Part of this load delivers in Loussianna and Alabama, so Sr. is heading straight across I10, and then we'll have two openings from the southeast back home.
  • January 1, 2012 - Well another year came and another year went and the wheels of commerce continue to move on down the road.  On New Years day, Sr. departed for Florida with another batch of snowbird cars, including a new Bentley convertible, a new Jaguar convertible, a new BMW 5 series sedan, a late model Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a slightly customized 1956 Chevy hardtop.  We are currently working to find northbound vehicles, which isn't easy at this time of year!  Call or email if you've found that long awaited classic down south for a great discounted rate to come back north!
  • The month of December was unfortunately marked with two sad events, first Deanna's dad Tony Pignatella passed away after battling dimensia and Alzheimers for about 5 years.  Tony was a sincere and fun loving person, and he will be missed by all of us, but especially his 4 daughters.  And then only one week later, our grandfather, Gerard Deschenes Sr. passed away as well.  In the last few weeks his cancer got the better of him, but he had lived a full life of 89 years, much of it spent at his service station in Seymour CT when he wasn't with his family.  Up to his mid 80's, he opened and closed the station every day, wore a tie to work (tucked in between the second and third buttons of his uniform shirt), and through the 1990's offered true full-service service, including checking the oil, tire pressures, and washing the windshield with every fill-up, long after virtually all other gas stations had been converted into "fend-for-yourself" minimarts.  My uncle and cousin continue the tradition at Jerry's Service Station and grandpa's memory will forever be a part of that local institution.
  • November 23, 2011 - Don Sr. just wrapped up another west coast run - and managed to get home in time for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had an eclectic load heading west, including two 1933 Pontiac "barn finds" which went to Oklhahoma, an antique Crosley minicar from the 1950's which went to Texas, a prostreet 1963 Mercury Comet to CA, an antique BMW motorcycle with sidecar that went to Arizona, a scooter that went to CA, and a 1949 Chevy truck that went to CA too.  En route, we picked up a 1931 Chevy Victoria sedan in Texas that went to the piers of LA to be exported to Australia.  On the way back east, we went up through the Pacific Northwest, picking up two old Audi's and an antique Saab.  In addition we had a modified late model Corvette, complete with Lambo-door kit, an old Ford truck that Sr. bought for himself, plus the stripped tub from a 1960's Bronco and a rust free 1980's Dodge pickup truck bed as well. 
  • November 6, 2011 - We've been to Florida and back at the end of October.  On the way south, we had a full truck, with two 1958 Corvettes, and then four snow bird cars, including a supercharged Jag sedan, a Porsche 911, a Porsche Boxster, and a Lexus SUV.  Coming back, pickins were sliim, but we found an old lifted International Scout and a very rough 1965 Comet heading north to at least cover the expenses to get back home.   Don Sr. and the CT clan are at the Lake Compounce car show and swap meet in their hometown of Southington CT today, and then Sr. is getting loaded up early in the week to head west.  He will be in Maine and Rhode Island tomorrow and Tuesday picking up cars, and hopefully heading out by Wednesday, with an agressive plan to be back home for Thanksgiving.  With cousin Rob in northern California and the St. Louis clan, at least he has options to be with family if he can't complete the swing in time. 
  • October 17, 2011 - The last west coast trip was wrapped up, and we are making plans for Florida snow bird trips now.  On the last trip to CA we ended up with 5 cars going to the so-Cal piers for export to Australia, including a Delorean, a Corvette roadster, an old Graham, a Morgan, and a old Monroe.  In addition, we had a late model Ford Fusion as well.  Coming home, we had a poor mix of cars which reduced our capacity.  We had a 1960's Jeep truck with a cap on it, and a 1936 Ford pickup, both which made it difficult to find anything to stack with them.  In addition, we had a late Model BMW coupe as well.  I did manage to fit a Fiat and an Austin Healy in coming from Illinois which partially offset fact that we only had the 3 vehicles on board otherwise.  We are offering competive south bound rates to Florida now, and fantastic discounted rates heading northbound at this time of year, so please call or email with your needs. 
  • September 16, 2011 - We are making preperations for a west coast trip as I write.  We have 4 cars booked, and two more which are tentative - I will know by the beginning of the week if there are any westbound openings.  Coming back, there are two definite openings, and we will be from Los Angeles up to Portland Oregon, so we have flexibility for pretty much anything or anywhere on the Pacific coast for the return trip.  As always, we stand ready to discuss your needs - please call for more information or to secure a space on this trip. 
  • September 14, 2011 - Its been quite a while since my last entry in the log, and we were actually able to ramp back our hectic schedule this summer.  Since the last entry, we were on a two week hiatus, while a major preventative maintenance list was addressed on the Freightliner and the Great Dane.  Up in New Hampshire, Don Jr. continued making minor tweaks and small repairs on the FL60 Freightliner too.  In August, Sr. brought a partial load of Concours quality cars to the auction and show in Auburn Indianna.  The three cars for the show were a Model A Ford, a 1957 Chevy and a 1969 Chevelle.  On the way out we also had a newer Porsche that had been in CT having performance mods completed, which we returned home to Indianna.  On the way back east, we only had two cars, although together they were more like 3!  The monster was a 1920's dual cowl Rolls Royce Phaoton which was over 21' long, and the other was a 1958 Edsel, also big in its own right.  Since returning from this trip, Sr. has had some vacation time, and has also done a few local New England jobs with the pickup. 
  • July 23, 2011- Sr. is in process on another California trip.  On the way out last week he brought a 53 Ford and a 55 Chevy Wagon both to southern California.  Other cars were partial transports across the country, including a newer VW to North Carolina and a Saleen Mustang to Tennessee.  Then we picked up a 32 Chevy in Georgia, an old MG and a new BMW in Missouri, and then another antique MG in Kansas to finish the load heading west.  On the way east, we had a very full truck, with 9 items in total.  There is a very rare Glas 1500 roadster from the 1960's, an unrestored Model A Ford Delivery truck, an antique carriage, a new Porsche 911, an unrestored Austin Healy, an antique army trailer, a golf cart sized replica of a 32 Ford Streetrod, a very small Dingo landscaping machine, and Sr. bought himself a 1934 Ford Streetrod that he somehow squeezed in too.  As of this writing, he is in Tennessee, and hoping to home on approximately Tuesday of this coming week.  And as if that wasn't a full enough load, we bought a new bumper for the Freightliner which is in a big box, plus 8 new wheels for the Great Dane Trailer, and two spare wheels for the Big Tex and Horton Hauler trailers which were all stored for the ride back home too!
  • July 1, 2011 - We just finished a haul out to Michigan, whose main purpose was moving a family from NH to a new farm.  They had 3 antique cars, including an old Ford pickup and two 1970's Monte Carlo's, plus 4 farm tractors, and various farm implements.  It filled both the tractor trailer, and a 32' equipment trailer, so both Don Jr. and Don Sr. made the trip out.  On the way back with the flatbed, Don and Deanna picked up a boat trailer and an enclosed utility trailer to come back east, and Sr. picked up 2 old Hudsons with tons of extra parts, plus a Fiero kit car imitating a Lambo Countach and an antique Corvette as well. 
  • June 12, 2011 - Sr. was supposed to go on vacation, but decided to postpone it to help us with a two truck trip out to Michigan later in the month.
  • June 9, 2011 - Don Sr. is now more than half way through a west coast run.  He left last week, with a full load heading to California, Oregon, and Washington.  Vehicles on board included a 1946 Woody station wagon, a 1957 Tbird, a 1959 Chevy, a 1960 Bugeye Sprite, a 1967 Falcon, and a 2011 Porsche Carrera.  The Porsche came out in Illinois, and we backfilled it with a '32 Ford Hotrod for the rest of the trip.  On the way back east, he either has, or will be picking up, an MGB, a BMW Z3, a Jeep Willys, an old Audi, a Ford Model T, and a 1969 Oldsmobile Toronado. 
  • June 8, 2011 - In the latter half of May, Sr. did a second run to Florida.  On the way south we had a custom hot dog vending trailer to North Carolina, a late model Mercedes to Atlanta, an '08 Porsche Carrera to the Florida panhandle, a late model Chevy Malibu to central Florida and a 1999 Harley Softail to the west coast.  On the way north we had 2008 Jaguar Convertible, a 2003 Honda Civic, a custom 1972 Corvette, a 2011 Mercedes E350, a 1958 Corvette, and a late model Jaguar sedan.  In addition, we squeezed in a Kawasaki motorcycle and a go-cart which replicated a 1978 Corvette Pace Car.   
  • May 16, 2011 - Sr has completed a southeast run, including deliveries in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, and then a full load of snow birds coming back north.  On the way down, we had a Land Rover Defender, a 1991 Corvette, a 2003 Corvette, a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX and a late model Chrysler 300.  Coming back north we had a late model Toyota Solora convertible, a Mercedes SUV, two 1960's Mercedes SL's, a 1965 Mustang Convertible, and a Porsche Boxster.  Sr. is now on a dedicated run down to Central Virginia to take a full load of classic cars up to Central Mass. for one of our long-time customers.  Then we are loading up for another Florida run, immediately followed by a west coast run including the Pacific northwest. 
  • April 25, 2011 - Don Sr. is heading back to New England tonight or tomorrow morning, following a 3 week trip including the southwest and the Pacific northwest.  We had a full load heading out, with 6 cars and 3 motorcycles - no room to spare!  Freight out included a 1965 Mustang, a 1974 Porsche Carrera, a 1960's Turner race car, a 1969 Mustang full conversion race car, a 1960's 190SL Mercedes roadster, and a new Ford Fusion.  The 3 bikes included a Honda, a Motoguzi, and a Bimoto race bike.  On the way home, Sr planned to meet family in St. Louis for Easter, so 4 of the cars went to the midwest, including a full blown 1957 Chevy pro street dragcar, a 1997 Porsche twin turbo, a Maserati coupe and a Dodge Viper.  In addition, there were two BMW's coming all the way east, one was an unrestored classic 2002 series, the other, a brand new, top of the line, 7.5 liter beauty.  Then, we picked up 3 more cars this weekend to fill the truck back to New England - including two more Porsches, one a 2007 Convertible Turbo, the other 1998 993 C2S, and then a 1968 Corvette as well. 
  • March 26, 2011 - A slight change of plans and a few opportunities prompted us to put together a midwest trip which Sr. is currently on.  He left yesterday with a new Ford GT, a very cool jacked up antique Ford Bronco, a 1996 Porsche 911, and a late model Toyota.  Then he picked up a Triumph TR6 and a 1977 Corvette on route.  These are all bound for various locations in Missouri.  We have a few spaces heading back from MO, IL, IN at the beginning of the week, but they are filling fast.  Also, the upcoming west coast trip is filling fast too, so we look forward to speaking with you soon to see if we can help with your needs. UPDATE:  On the return trip we had 4 vehicles on board - including a 1960's delivery van, a 1958 Mercury, a late model Porsche 911 and PowerKing tractor.
  • March 11, 2011 - We did another west coast trip, back to back with the last one.  Sr. went and is back already since the last update.  Going west we had a GM based load with a lonely old Ford.  We had a 1959 Chevy pickup, a 1957 Pontiac Safari Wagon, which is a rarer Nomad basically, a 1957 Chevy sedan, and a 1955 Chevy streetrod.  Then we had a Hershey senior winner Model T car that went as far as Ohio.  In Ohio we picked up a 1969 Mustang that went as far as Oklhahoma.  And then we squeezed in a Honda Accord and a Toyota Avalon bound for Sacremento CA.  On the way back east, we had a Factory Five Cobra replica, an antique motorcycle, a 3 wheel steam powered contraption, a 1972 Oldsmobile, a 1950's Austin Limosine, like a Rolls Royce basically, and a 1967 Ford Mustang.  From Pheonix to Illinois, we also carried a bare frame from an early 1970's El Camino, which was about the only thing low enough to fit under the Austin.  We have some local trips planning during the next week or so, including northern New Jersey, CapeCod, and Maine at this point.   We are already taking reservations for snowbird cars, and are putting together another west coast trip for early April. 
  • February 17, 2011 - Don Sr. returned this past weekend from the west coast.  On the return trip we had the following vehicles:  3 DKW (what later became Saab) military jeeps from the 1950's, a 1960's Lancia convertible, a small electric 3 wheeler vintage 1950's, a 2005 Lotus Elise, and a 1958 Chevrolet.  In addition, Sr. had a bunch of his old Chevy truck parts, including 2 cabs, bedsides, a hood, and misc other odds and ends which filled out the truck.  This weekend, we are getting ready to load up and he's heading back already.  Although the trip west looks full now, we have spaces returning to the northeast from the southwest at the time of writing - give us a call or email to discuss your needs. 
  • January 24, 2011 - After a number of weather related delays, we are finally headed west on our next trip.  We've got a very full trailer, with a total of 10 customers prized possessions on board!  Included are a rolling chassis which will be built into a 1st generation Camaro, an unrestored 1930's Essex sedan, a 1930's Rolls Royce sedan, a Porsche 914, a popup camper trailer, a 1968 Dodge Charger, an MGB roadster, a golf cart, a Suzuki motorcycle, and a pair of bucket seats!  And, we'd have a hard time squeezing in a partridge in a pear tree even if we had to!  Sr. is bound for the southwest in the next two days, California over the weekend, up to the pacific northwest and then back to the southwest the following week, and then hopefully back home.
  • January 9, 2011 - Its been pretty quiet since the last entry - but the break was well deserved.  Sr. and Michelle and the boys took a semi-working vacation in Florida between Christmas and New Years (delivering two snow-bird SUV's south, and returning with a classic MG plus a late model Audi), and we all spent time with family and friends during the Holidays.  Weather prevented pickup of the new trailer before Christmas, but Sr. has since gone down, and got it safely back to Southington this afternoon.  We also ventured into a new project, hauling an ex-military trailer which was 10.5 feet wide, requiring oversize permits etc. from PA to NC on the way south, which Sr. pulled off without issue.  Our next trip is to the west coast, leaving later this week, or early next week at the latest.  There is one space heading west, and a few openings coming back home.  Until the next entry, we'd all like to wish a Happy New Year to our new and old customers alike - and we look forward to working together in 2011. 
  • December 15, 2010 - Sr. went and returned from Florida since the last entry.  We took the new 3 car open wedge trailer on this trip, as we had an unusual load in both directions.  On the way south, we had a Land Rover Defender, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and an oversized Ford cubevan - the latter which simply wouldn't have fit in the enclosed trailer.  Further, on the way north, Sr. picked up a new 20' enclosed single place car trailer which fit nicely on the big trailer, plus we had a 60 HP John Deere tractor/loader/backhoe, and a carcass of a 1956 Dual Ghia.  And, we ingeniously loaded a Beck Spyder into the enclosed car trailer which was secured atop the big trailer, to maximize our cargo carrying capacity.  This week, Sr. is making the local deliveries here in New England, and the plan is to head down to Elba Alabama to pick up the new Dorsey trailer next week.  Then a well deserved vacation between Christmas and New Years - and miracously, its 2011!!!
  • December 3, 2010 - We are planning a Florida trip for this coming week, and then a trip to Alabama and Georgia the following week.  There are some spots heading south, and plenty of room coming back north at this point - we hope to hear from you if you are interested in having us bring your project or new treasure home!
  • December 2, 2010 - Don Sr. returned home last weekend.  In Scottsdale we had picked up a 1960's Jaguar heading to Oregon.  Then we delivered in California, and up the west coast.  On the way back south, we picked up a 1950's BMW, a 1970's BMW 2002, a 1956 Dual Ghia, and a 1942 1 Ton Dodge Army truck.  We also picked up a set of wheels and tires, plus 2 motorcylces, and a small Fiat, and a Willlys streetrod which delivered in route on the way home.  After the Fiat and bikes were out of the trailer, Sr. managed to fit in a 1972 Mustang 429 SuperCobraJet 4 speed car he bought in Arizona for his own collection. 
  • November 10, 2010 - The truck is heading back west again.  We are in bound for Dallas tonight, having made a delivery of a Bugeye Sprite in Illinois, and pops stopped off in St. Louis to see two of his sisters and their families.  We still have 6 cars on the truck, including a Cobra replica, a Porsche 911 Turbo, a 1960's Siata (like an MG), a 1940's Hudson, a 2009 Supercharged Corvette, and a newer hot rod Subura WRX.  After delivering in Texas, we will continue to Scottsdale, and then up the west coast including the SanFran/Sacremento area, then onto coastal Oregon and Washington.  There are still 3 spots open on the way back east - please give a call or email to inquire. 
  • October 28th 2010 - Since the last entry, Sr. finished the previously mentioned trip after the breakdown.  He delivered 6 vehicles down, including a Toyota Solora convertible, a 1960's Mercedes sedan, a Ford Expedition, a Toyota Rav4, a Kubota tractor, and a 1960's Mercedes roadster.  On the way back north, Sr. picked up two enclosed cargo trailers, a Corbin Sparrow Electric car, and a partially finished 1956 Caddy custom cruiser.  Then, after a few days of rest, we loaded up and headed down to Florida again.  This time, the six vehicles included a beautiful 1969 Chevelle SS 454 LS6, a custom 1956 Corvette, a late model Jaguar sedan, a 1967 partially restored Mustang, a Mazda Miata, and a new style Ford Thunderbird.  Coming home, Sr. picked up landscaping trailers in GA as well as a Kawaski mule type truck, and he is expected back in Southington sometime tomorrow or early Saturday morning.  The next trip is to the southwest, west coast ,and pacific northwest and there are still openings on most legs at this time.
  • Below, the Corbin Sparrow from the first Florida trip, and the ATV from the second both delivered near each other in central MA, so we squeezed them onto one of the small trailers to consolidate their delivery.

    < >October 13, 2010 - We had a rough weekend, after loading the tractor trailer over the weekend for a Florida snowbird run, the Freightliner experienced a major engine failure in our yard before departing Sunday morning.  Mike Digennaro of Digennaro Truck Service in Bethany CT worked for three days straight to get us running again, and as of 5PM tonight, Don Sr. was finally heading southbound.  Also, thanks to Todd and Steve of Southington AutoBody for their assistance on Sunday morning, as well as to Sean Strollo of Stollo's Heavy Towing in Cheshire CT, who brought his beautiful monster towtruck out to get the Freightliner from Southington to Bethany.  Sr. is trying his best to get make deliveries on Friday and Saturday, and we express our sincere apologies to our important customers who were inconvienced by the four day delay.  September 23, 2010 - We are loaded up for another west coast run.  From around New England, we picked up an unrestored 1964 Malibu convertible, an unrestored 1956 Buick convertible (a barn find which was in storage since 1963), an unrestored 1957 Chrysler 300 Hemi, a 1965 Mustang (which had been in storage since 1984), a nice Bugeye Sprite, and a 1990's Audi Quattro.   Deliveries will be in both the Bay area and in LA. September 30, 2010 - From LA, we brought 4 classic cars for a relocations from LA to Dallas, including a 1955 Nomad wagon, a 1972 Chevy PU, a 1957 Bel Aire, and a 1966 Nova.  We then backtracked to Arizona where we picked up a late model Lexus SUV, a late model Saturn sedan, a partially restored 1965 Mustang Fastback, an unrestored 1966 Mustang coupe, and an unrestored 1967 Chevy Impala.  The Impala and Lexus delivered en route to Wisconsin, where we picked up two antique Allis Chalmers farm tractors.  Then we delivered one Mustang and the Saturn in the greater Pittsburg area, and picked up a third Allis Chalmers tractor on our way through PA.  The three tractors are heading for Marthas Vineyard eventually, while the last Mustang has been delivered to its new owner in MA. August 31, 2010 - Sr. left this weekend with a full load, including a 1946 GMC cabover flatbed truck which took up two spaces in the trailer, a Manta kit car, an Elva racecar from the 1960's, a 1920 Desoto, and a new 2010 Ford Fusion.  The Fusion went to Knoxville, where we picked up a 1976 Chrysler Cordoba to fill its spot.  Both the Desoto and the Cordoba were dropped off in Texas this morning, and now we are heading for Scottsdale for our next pickup, a 1965 Mustang.  September 16, 2010 - (Continued from August 31'st entry)  Next, we picked up a 1956 Dodge and a 1956 Dual Ghia, a rare customized version of a 1956 Dodge.  The Mustang and the GMC delivered in the pacific northwest, at which time we picked up a 1973 Ford Ranchero and a Pontiac Fiero heading to North Dakota and Minnesota respectively,  as well as a 1960's Saab rally car.  When those spaces opened up in the Great Lakes region, we finished filled the truck with a 1920 7-passanger Cadillac, a Beck Spyder Porsche replica, and a 1960's Triumph TR4.  Finally, the first 56 Dodge delivered to Indianna, and then we picked up a 1940 Hudson in Michigan to fill that spot.  After making all the deliveries in New England during this weekend and into yesterday, we are now getting ready for a quick trip down to Virginia this weekend, then back to the west coast, and then to Florida over Columbus Day weekend.  There are some openings on all legs of these upcoming trips, so please call or email with your needs.

    August 16, 2010 - Since the last update, we returned from the southeast trip in the last entry, and then Don Sr. made another run down to Georgia to pick up utility trailers for resale at his shop in Southington.  As we have a bi-annual family reunion next weekend, we are just doing local jobs this coming week.  Then Sr. leaves for another "around the country" trip, with stops planned already in Maine, Wisconsin, Washington, California, Texas, Lousianna and Georgia so far.  There are a few spots heading west, and only one opening coming back home at this point.  We also have a few intermediate spots, for example from Wisconsin to the west coast, etc. - so please call with your needs as we can likely handle just about any pickup or destination on this forth coming run. 

    July 17, 2010 - Don Sr. is in Florida tonight, having already delivered a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner, a 1939 Packard convertible coupe, a 1967 Mustang, and a Honda Ridgeline pickup.  He has picked up a Mazda Miata in Alabama, and has at least 3 more vehicles to pick up throughout Florida tomorrow.  There is space for one more coming back to the Northeast at this point, so please call with your needs. July 7, 2010 - We have two trips in the works, one to the mid-Atlantic and Florida, and the other to the Great Lakes states including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  We have openings on both trips in both directions at this point, coming from New England and back, so please call to get more information and pricing.July 7, 2010 - We have been very busy, so I have a lot of catching up to do.  This afternoon, we saw an old friend, Fr. Jude Gray, here in Goffstown NH.  Don Sr. started hauling cars for him back in the 1980's, and over the years, Jude and his students have restored and sold many classic vehicles, the proceeds from which fund scholarships at St Anselm College in Manchester NH.  It was actually during one of these car transports, that Don Jr's visited the school, met Fr. Jude, and eventually chose to attend and graduate from St. A's back between 1988 and 1992.  Today, we are hauling an armour plated 1978 Rolls Royce and a beautiful 1949 Caddilac up to another St. A's alumni who is an aquaintance of Judes, in Pittsburg NH near the Canadian border.July 7th continued - Since the previous entry, Don Sr. did another "round the country trip" including zigzagging from CT to AL to MI to ID to WA to CA and then back home.  We had quite a few shorter hauls on the way out which complicated the schedule a bit, but everything worked out fine.  So, we brought a 69 Camaro from NH to Mississippi, a Miata from CT to GA, and then some GTO parts from AL to Michigan along with a Ford GT from Lousianna to Washington state and a 1935 Ford from Michigan to Washington.  In addition to all this, we had a 1950's Powell truck from CT to Idaho, a Porsche 911 from New Hampshire to California, a 1930's Cord from NY to CA and a Jaguar from NY to CA.   On the way back east, we had two spaces consumed with Chevy Truck parts for Sr's California Connection business, plus a 1967 Mustang, a 1970 Camaro, a 1951 Studebaker, and a 1960's Audi Convertible.  After figuring this all out for our DOT reporting, I realized that Pops covered 33 states and over 9800 miles on this trip alone!July 7th continued - Also since the last entry, Michelle took a one car trailer to Virginia to delivery a pristine 1956 Chevy per the customer's request to utilize a single place enclosed transporter, and she returned with a 1972 MG Midget back to CT.June 9, 2010 - Sr. is back from the southeast, and we will be delivering all the NE cars tomorrow.  We ended up bringing back 4 cars, a fifth fell through at the last minute - in addition to the RR, Caddy, and Model A listed below, we also had a 2001 Caddy to round it out.  We plan to load up and head out for another round the country trip this weekend or early next week.  We have stops planned in Lousianna, Michigan, Washington State, California, and everyplace in between.  There is very limited space heading west at this time, but plenty of space coming back east as of today.June 2, 2010 - We are loaded up and ready to head to the Carolina's, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc.  We have a 1947 Ford street rod, a 1928 Ford street rod, a 1959 Cadillac, a 1961 Chevy Impala, and a late model Volvo stationwagon heading south.  So far heading north we have a 1982 Rolls Royce Corniche convertible, a 1965 Cadillac coupe de ville, and a 1929 Ford Model A.  Don Sr. will be back in Connecticut by the end of next week, as Zak is graduating from middle school on Friday.  The following week, we will be loading up and departing for the west coast yet again and then another Florida trip after that.May 27th, 2010 - Don Sr. is close to being home after being on the road for nearly 9000 miles on this current trip.  We had a complicated return trip, bringing a 1940 Desoto from Utah to Texas, 2 BMW 2002's back east, one from Oregon and the other in Utah has well, a late model Sebring conv. from CA to Michigan, a 1965 Mustang from California to Texas, a 1972 Jeep Commander from TX to MA, a Zagato electric mini car from CA to NH, a newer BMW Z3 from PA to ME, and a 1956 Dodge Dual-Ghia from Missouri to CT.  Don Sr. also had some truck parts for the California Connection business he runs, selling rust free 1968-1972 GM truck parts back east too.  Next on the agenda is a likely trip to Florida and the southeast next week, then a week off for Sr., then likely another west coast run towards the middle of July.May 11, 2010 - Time got away from me this time, so I'll have to do some catching up on the log.  At the end of April, we made another trip to Florida.  On the way south we had only two cars, a 1978 Mustang II Cobra and a 1950 Buick Woody Station Wagon.  On the way north, we had a full load.  This included a new AMG Mercedes 550 roadster, a 1957 Corvette, a late model Lexus sedan, a Toyota Solora convertible, a Mercedes SUV, and a Kubota landscaping tractor.  We then spent the next week making all the local deliveries, and all the pickups for the trip that Don Sr. just left on - which is going to basically be a 9K mile loop of the country.  We had pickups in Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island, and after making some repairs on the trailer on Sunday and Monday, he is now on his way out, including stops in Ohio, Illinois, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah, California, and Texas at this point.  On the truck now are a late model Audi station wagon, a Triumph Spitfire roadster, a restored 2002 BMW (thats the model, not the year - its from the 1970's!), a beautiful original 1961 Chevy Impala, a 1988 Toyota Supra with only 12K original miles, and a 1970 Mach I Mustang.  The Impala is being delivered to Ohio tomorrow, and then we pick up a Dune Buggy in Illinois to fill its spot.  There are a few available spots heading back East at this point, with openings from either the pacific northwest or the southwest returning back home. April 16th - Don Sr. is in Tampa / St. Pete area unloading and reloading to return north with another full load of classic cars.  On his way south we delivered a 2004 Corvette, a Harley Davidson FatBoy, a 1970's Buick Electra, and a Nissan 300ZX.  We have a full truck heading north, including a 2007 Corvette, a custom 1951 Mercury leadsled, a 1930's Cadillac, a Jaguar XKE, a Triumph TR6, and a new Chrysler Sebring.  Upon returning to CT, we will soon be departing for another Florida run before the end of April.  There are spots heading south, but only one opening heading north, so please call soon to reserve your space.  In May, he have yet another Florida run planned, as well as another west coast run, with openings on all legs at this point in time.  March 25, 2010 - The truck did a west coast turn around this afternnoon, and we are now heading back east with a full load.  The 1965 Mustang from the March 16th entry is still on the truck, as Don Sr. purchased it from the reciever, so its heading home with him.  Its a nice 289 convertible for Sr. to add to his ever changing collection of antique cars.  Also on the truck is a 1970 Chevelle, a late model Jaguar, a late model Ford Explorer, a late model Audi roadster, and a Porsche 914.  The Chevelle is only going as far as West Virginia, and we are scheduled to pick up an original hemi motor, and an original Mini Cooper to fill its spot back to Connecticut.  We still have a few open spaces each direction at this time for the upcoming Florida/East Coast trip planned for right after Easter, although the truck is now filling fast, so please call for availability, pricing, and to reserve a space for your vehicle soon. March 16, 2010 - We managed to fill another truckload of cars heading west, so Don Sr., after a few days of rest of spending time with his grandkids and family, is back on the road again.  We are San Diego bound, but with stops throughout the Great Lakes region.  Vehicles on this load include a 1958 Ford station wagon, a 1962 Buick station wagon, a 1935 Ford 5 window coupe, a rare 2000 series BMW sport coupe, a 1950's Studebaker bulletnose businessman's coupe, and a Model T speedster racecar.  After deliveries of the BMW, Buick, and Studebaker in Wisconsin and Minnesota, we have scheduled pickups of three more cars in Wisconsin and Iowa, including a 1965 Mustang, a 1967 Camaro, and an MGB.  Deliveries will be made over the weekend in Texas, then onto Arizona and Southern California early next week.  There are still a few spaces available on the eastbound trip, so please call or email for pricing.  The next scheduled trip, in mid April, is down the East Coast, to Florida, and all points in between. February 23, 2010 - More issues plagued this trip, as Don Sr. got a stomach bug which put him out of commission for nearly 4 days, on top of the weather delays encountered earlier.  He finally was able to get back on the road, and finished deliveries in California yesterday.  We had a lucky break, and were able to sub-contract the one car coming from Seatle to meet up with us in San Francisco, saving an additional 3 days round trip to have to go get it.  We have three more pickups in the greater Phoenix area today, then one more in Oklahoma.  On the truck at this point are a 1960 DKW(Audi) station wagon, a 1969 Couger, a 1972 Olds Cutlass, and a 1975 Zagato, a sub-compact European? car.  We are getting today a 1961 Impala, a loose engine for a Hudson, and a 1/2 scale reproduction stage coach.  The car to be picked up in Oklahoma will be a 1956 Dodge sedan with an original hemi engine.  On the way home, there are deliveries to be made in Alabama and Kentucky, and the balance be distributed in New England with the local trucks from the Southington CT warehouse.  We actually squeezed in one more, after delivering the stagecoach in Kentucky, we picked up a 1934 Allis Chalmers farm tractor, which was short enough to fill the odd space at the back of the truck - so we truly were full!  Below is a picture of the tractor awaiting loading on the ferry to deliver it to Martha's Vineyard - in order to save the costs of the truck and trailer, Don Jr. made quite a scene waiting in line with the passanger cars to board at the pier and drove the old hunk of iron on to meet its new owner - who then drove it home on the other side.



    < >

    February 10, 2010 - We are on our way back to the west coast.  We've been very lucky on the last two trips missing weather, but you can only tempt Mother Nature for so long, and she's getting us back this time.  Don Sr. left CT on Sunday afternoon, and delivered in Columbus Ohio Monday evening, and then got snowed into until this morning.  He is now on the road again heading for Northeast Texas, but there is more ice and snow ahead of us on our way there.  We've got a full truck, with 7 cars, considering that four were relatively small.  There is a 1934 Aero which is a tiny European roadster, a Model A Ford, a reproduction 1925's style Indy race car, and another Indy style race car from the 1950's, plus a "doodlebug" farm tractor.  Then we had two big cars to fill us out, including a new BMW SUV and a customized 1957 Chevy 3100 pickup.  It is likely we will be heading all the way up the left coast this trip, including Seatle and Portland, so there are room for a few cars from the southwest to the Pacific Northwest, and room for 2 cars at this time coming home oringinating anywhere from between Seatle to Phoenix. 


    January 25, 2010 - Don Sr. is on his way back east as of this morning.  We brought 6 cars out west on this trip, including stops in Nebraska (Sr. navigated some wicked storms last week - thank goodness for GPS and satellite mapping to help us keep him and our customer's cars safe), and then onto the autions in Scottsdale AZ before running up the the lenght of California.  We delivered a 1950 Ford, a 1960 Jeep Surrey, a 1968 Chevelle (bound for Australia), a 1930 Desoto roadster, a 1938 Packard Limo, and a 1960's Fiat minivan.  On our way back, we've got a full load, but were only able to accomodate 5 cars due to their sizes and the fact that one is dissasembled.  So, we have a 1976 Jaguar, a 1955 Ford, a 1941 Caddilac, a 1956 Caddilac, and a 1967 Mustang (in pieces) on board.  We are heading to Florida and have room for one car heading back to the Northeast from the southeast, then we have deliveries and pickups to make in upstate NY.  We will then be back in New England, for more pickups and deliveries, with another planned departure for the southwest and California in early to mid February. January 13, 2010 - WOW - 2010 already!  We've completed the first trip of the year, with a full load going down to Florida earlier this month.  The 6 cars were a 2010 Camaro RS, a late model Toyota Solara Conv., a brand new BMW 7 series sedan, a late model all wheel drive Mercedes sedan, a 1960's Austin Healy, and a 1923 T-Bucket street rod.  We had 3 cars coming north, including a 1960's Corvair which had been at an exhibition for the last 4 months at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY, a 1956 Corvette, and a 1969 Chevelle Convertible.  The truck should be departing for Scottsdale AZ for the Barrett Jackson auction tomorrow, and then onto both Southern and Northern California.December 28, 2009 - After returning from the west coast, we took a few days off with family - including Descoteaux family visitors from New York, South Carolina, Missouri, and California who flew into Connecticut for the holidays.  There was a sort of mini family reunion with about 40 folks from out of state visiting last week.  Don Sr. and cousin Rob are taking the two car enclosed trailer for a very quick trip to Detroit and back this week.  We have a newer BMW and an old TBird going out, and a 1960's Pontiac Catalina plus a 1957 Chevy Nomad wagon coming back.  Meanwhile Don Jr is gathering cars up in the Northeast, and the tractor trailer is departing for Florida and the Southeast on Friday, January 1, 2010.  There is only one space available heading south, and plenty of room if you have something needing to come back north.  Next on the agenda is the Southwest, including deliveries for the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale Arizona, as well as the West Coast prior to the end of the January.December 8, 2009 - We are on our way to the west coast now.  Don Sr. has already delivered a 1953 Ford Pickup to Alabama, and is heading to south Texas to deliver a 1963 Ford Convertible.  Other deliveries in New Mexico, Arizona, and California include a new Audi roadster, a 1955 Ford Glasstop, a 1961 Chevy Convertible, and a 2009 Porsche 911.  On the return trip there are one or two possible spaces available.  On our agenda already is a 1950's Jeepster, a 1980's Mercedes SL, a BMW Z8, and a 1950's Chevy station wagon.  We will be in Colorado, northern and southern California, and possibly Arizona for pickups on the way back east - so please call or email for a quote if you have a classic or special vehicle that needs a ride east.December 5, 2009 - Don Sr. completed a 3rd Florida run after Thanksgiving as expected.  We brought down a 1957 Corvette, a 1957 Chrysler, a 1972 Rolls Royce, and a 2007 Morgan roadster.  Also, we had a late model Lexus and Mercedes rounding out the 6 cars.  On the way north, we only had a 1931 Chrysler on board.November 18, 2009 - We have maintenance to do on the truck and trailer leading up to the Thanksgiving weekend.  Don Sr. has a few small local jobs to be completed with the pickup.  Right after Thanksgiving we are heading to Florida again.  We have room for 2 cars going down, and 5 available spaces coming north.  Immediately thereafter, the truck is heading to the west coast, possibly the pacific northwest, and then will be home in time for Christmas.  There are a few spaces each direction on the west coast run.  Feel free to call or email to get confirmed on either the upcoming Florida or West Coast trips, and join the ranks of our thousands of satisfied customers.  November 17, 2009 - Since my last update, we've completed another Florida run.  We had a full load heading south, including a classic Corvair convertible and a Nova, as well as modern cars, including a Lexus, Mercedes sedan, Camaro, and a Mercedes roadster.  We only had one car coming back north, a little Fiat convertible, but we stopped in Georgia to pick up 10 utility trailers to be sold at the lot in Southington, so the return trip turned out to be worthwhile after all. November 4, 2009 - The truck is currently in south western Florida.  Don Sr. departed Sunday - on board were a VERY nice 2009 Bentley Convertible, a 2009 Corvette Convertible, a 2009 Shelby GT500 Mustang, a 1967 Chevelle Convertible, and a 1980's something Porsche 928.  All have been delivered, and he is now heading north with planned pickups from Georgia to North Carolina before heading home.  On the agenda back is a Harley Davidson bike, a WW2 Dodge Military Truck, an an unrestored 1960's Porsche 356.  Immediately upon our return, we are sending the truck back to Florida again, this time with stops on the panhandle, west coast, and east coast, including the Keys.  Spots are currently available so please give a call or email for great pricing and even better service!  A third trip is planned towards the end of November, back to the Miami area and all points in between.October 30, 2009 - Home from California again - returned with an interesting load, including a 1967 Ford Falcon Van, an unrestored 1929 LaSalle 7 pass limo, a 1941 Caddy 4 door convertible, and a 1929 Allis Chalmers farm tractor - the truck filled up with these four large / odd shaped vehicles.  Once we dropped the tractor in Alabama, we picked up a 1971 Monte Carlo to round out the trip back to New England.October 13, 2009.  We ended up filling out our last trip from the Great Lakes region with a Porsche Boxter and a 1948 Ford Streetrod.  As of this morning, the truck is almost loaded for a southern California run.   On our way out, we have a 1936 Dodge Pickup streetrod, a 2007 Harley Davidson softtail, a 2010 Mercedes S550, a 2010 Jaguar XK, a BMW 3 series roadster, a 1936 Terraplane, and a Triumph TR3.  Needless to say, the truck is full - end to end!  The Dodge and Harley are being dropped en route in Arkansas, and the Terraplane in Tulsa OK.  We have a few open spots on the way home as of right now, as well as two open spots from the southeast to the southwest as well. September 27, 2009 - On Tuesday, we are heading back out for a northeast run.  We are bringing two cars from Long Island to the Fall Collector's Car Auction at the Carlisle Fairgrounds - a Dodge Charger and a Corvette.  We also have a Triumph TR6, a Plymouth Belvedere, a Triumph TR3, and a newer Jeep Wrangler heading from various points in CT and NY to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois.  On the way back there are likely two open spots.  We already have booked a 2002 BMW parts car, a rare cabover Jeep FC 170 pickup, and a 1950 Chevy pickup.  We are still finalizing two upcoming trips to Florida and California respectively in the next month, so please call or email for more information on any of these upcoming hauls, including for timing and space availability.September 17, 2009 - Don Sr. pulled back into the depot in Southington mid afternoon - after having been on the road for almost 4 weeks.  Deanna and Don are going to be down from New Hampshire for the weekend to get the remaining cars unloaded.  Don Sr. wiill be heading back to Long Island for a delivery of the Rolls over the weekend, and D&D will drop off the Chevy pickup in Hampton, NH on our way back home on Sunday.September 9, 2009 - Next planned trips are to upstate NY at the end of the month - room for 1 car open from New England out to the Rochester area.  The main purpose of this trip is to bring two 1930's farm trucks to MA.  Then we have room going to and coming back from Fall Carlisle.  Lastly, in mid October we have early reservations for our first snow-bird Florida trip - there are still openings in both directions at this time - including any stops up or down the east coast.September 9, 2009 - This is a long trip - Sr. is going to be anxious to come home.  As of today, we've made the deliveries in the Pacific northwest, and should be back in so-Cal tomorrow.  In addition to the cars brought out, we also piggy-backed two cars from California to Washington since there was room in the truck after earlier deliveries - these were a 1934 Ford streetrod and a 1967 Toyota FJ with a lift kit and big tires.  We are now full on the way home, including a 1955 Porsche speedster, a 1960 Chevy pickup truck, a 1930's Bantum, a 1949 Ford club coupe, a 2006 Yamaha Motorcycle, and a 1960's Rolls Royce.  The Bantum is being delivered to Florida en route, and we have a BMW scheduled to be picked up in North Carolina to fill that spot.September 3, 2009 - Don Jr. took a quick trip out to Ohio with a one car trailer to bring a 1950 Chevy truck out to be "dipped and stripped" prior to a ground up restoration.  On the return trip, we had a really nice "1980 something" Toyota 4wd show truck - jacked up, detailed underneath, custom paint etc. - which we brought to its new owner in New Hampshire.August 25, 2009 - The big truck is back on the road, making a coast to coast run with an expected return back home in 3 weeks.  We have a complicated schedule, including pickups and deliveries in Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisianna, New Mexico, California, Oregon, and Washington on the way out, and then California, Arizona, and Florida so far on the way back.  The truck out is now full, including a 1959 Chevy, a 1951 Ford, a 1953 Siata ( I don't know what it is either, but it looks like an Austin Healy??), a 2004 Porsche 4S, a 250CC motorcycle, and a 1934 Ford 4 door sedan (just like Bonnie and Clyde's!)  Returning, we are close to full, but we may have room for one regular or two small cars at this point, and we have one space available from Florida north once we make our delivery there on the way back to the Northeast.August 17, 2009 - Mimi and Chris flew home safely this weekend after delivery of the Land Rover and horse trailer to Malibu on Saturday.  Everything went well, except as expected, Chris grew fond of Coco (the dog slept in bed with him each night!) and he was a bit sad to have to turn him back over to his owner. August 12, 2009 - We have a west coast trip in process, having departed on August 11th to deliver a truck and horse trailer combination from central Mass to Malibu, CA.  Michelle and Chris are making this "drive-away" delivery, along with a very special passanger, the customer's collie mix dog!  This customer was referred to us from a long time patron of our company, and besides needing to get their vehicles out west, also entrusted us with the family pet instead of stressing the pooch, Coco, on a cargo hold airplane ride.  Michelle and Chris plan on arriving on Saturday and will be flying home Sunday.August 3, 2009 - We had a relatively full load home from Florida last week, returning with a late model Buick Regal, a late model Corvette, a 1970 GTO, a 560SL Mercedes, and a very rare Bentley sedan.  Zak accompanied his grand ad on this trip, and he was a big help in loading and unloading a number of cars - a huge thrill as he regularly anticipates turning 16 in order to get his license and start driving!July 23, 2009 - The tractor trailer is southbound to Alabama and Florida as of this Tuesday.  We have on board a 1958 Chevy convertible, a 1960 Chevy hardtop, a 1999 Corvette, a 1963 Corvair convertible, and a later model Ford Ranger pickup.  We will be in Mobile AL / Florida panhandle this weekend, heading down the west coast of Florida by Monday at the latest, and then heading back mid-week.  There are still open spaces for the return trip, from either coast of Florida, or en route back to the Northeast - call or email for prices and availability. July 8, 2009 - We are en route for our latest west coast trip, with a few minor changes to the schedule.  Don Sr. and Chris don't actually have to be home by the 12th as there was a delay in Zak's graduation ceremony, so we were able to accept cars on a less direct route home.  We brought a full load out, including a Model A Ford roadster, an early 70's Honda subcompact, a 1962 Lincoln 4 door convertible, a late model Mustang, and a 6X10 Pace American enclosed utility trailer filled with a motorcycle and toolboxes. That was quite a challenge getting it in and out of the trailer - but we managed!  Instead of heading straight home, we are detouring up to the Great Lakes states.  We have on board now, a Model A sloped windshield sedan, an early 356 Porsche, and a late model Toyota.  We are picking up a 1940's V12 Lincoln and a 1959 Austin Healy in Scottsdale AZ this evening.  Then it's off to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio, where the Toyota and the Lincoln get swapped out for a Lasalle convertible and a late model BMW M series coupe - both of which are heading to the northeast with the original 3 cars from California.   Current ETA back in Connecticut is July 13th or 14th at this point.  Also, we are accepting vehicles for our next west coast run, tentativelly scheduled for mid-August 2009. Feel free to call or email for details, prices, references, etc., and we look forward to the opportunity to transport your classic car sometime in the future.June 17th 2009 - We are accepting vehicles for AZ, CA, the Pacific Northwest, and all points in between, for our next coast to coast trip, with a planned departure of approximately June 25th, heading back east around the 4th of July, and arriving back home by July 12th.  Chris (see the Meet Us page) is planning on riding shotgun with his Grandpa on this trip, as he's been anxiously awaiting the arival of summer vacation so he go on the road again with Poppy.  Meanwhile, they have to be home by the 12th, because Chris's big brother Zak, has a graduation ceremony on Sunday for his completion of Civil Air Patrol Training - a day that Zak is counting down towards as well.  We have one tentative open space heading out, and two open spaces returning home at this point, so please contact us and let us provide a quote.June 8, 2009 - We've been making local deliveries with the one and two car trucks of the vehicles recently brought back from the west coast.  We were in Vermont on Sunday, Rhode Island today, and off to Pennsylvania tomorrow.  There are other small local trips planned for the balance of this week and into next week.  Also, we've got some equipment preventive maintenance that needs to be done, and we'll be at the depot in Plantsville, CT on and off during the next two weeks too.May 31, 2009 - Today Don Sr. is on the West Coast making his final deliveries and pickups from our current trip on the left coast.  We had a full truck out with a 38 Chevy, a 65 Mustang, a 61 Chrysler, a 1941 Lincoln, a 1985 Mercedes SL, and a 1940 Ford.  We had deliveries in Minnessota and Oregon, so Don went across the Northern route for a change of scenery.  On the way back, he is picking up a 1934 Aero (I don't know what that is either!), a 1962 MG, a 1952 Triumph, a 1954 Vette, a 1969 Beetle convertible, and a late model Volvo Cross-country station wagon.May 5, 2009 - We are filling up for yet another Florida run, leaving the Northeast later this week.  We are now full on the way down with three trucks, whose sizes  prevent utilzing the second deck of the trailer.  We have a 1946 Jeepster, an original 1956 Ford 4wd pickup, and a really neat 1936 Ford pickup mounted on a late model 4wd chassis.  As of May 7, there are two spaces open heading back North, so please call or email to discuss booking your vehicle with us.May 16, 2009 - Plantsville CT.  Between the upcoming Florida and Westcoast runs, the Descoteaux's will be at a Touch-A-Truck fundraiser in Don Sr. and Michelle's hometown.  This is something we've wanted to do for quite a while and the truck is finally scheduled to be available.  Along with rescue and military vehicles, construction trucks, etc. - we expect to be the only volunteers there with an auto transporter.  Michelle's boys are looking forward to the experience, and we are excited about helping out a good cause, showing the newest generation of future gearheads inside the Freightliner's beautiful condo sleeper, and demonstrating the complex lift gate and ramp system inside the trailer which allows us to safely transport up to 6 classic vehicles at once.  More information can be found at .Below is a picture of a friend Dennis' Harley Davidson and a Mercedes SL up on the front lift as the truck was set up at the fundraiser.


    < >Late April, 2009 - Working vacation at Carlisle Fairgrounds .  Look for us with the bright red pickups and truck campers in the swap meet area.  We brought down the two car open trailer and a one car open trailer with three classics for Golden Rod Garage of Freeport Maine .  If you find the car of your dreams there and need it hauled back northeast, please think of us. Here we are with the two rigs at the Flying J Truck Stop in Carlisle getting ready to bunk down for the night before heading over to the fairgrounds in the morning.


    < >Mid April ,2009 - Hopefully a a couple days off for Don Sr., followed by some preventive maintenance on both the Freightliner and the big trailer.  Then back to work...sort of. April 15, 2009 - We have another trip to Florida planned with the enclosed hauler to bring back more of our regular "snow bird" customers cars.  Many of these folks have trusted the Descoteaux's for over 20 years to transport their antiques and classics, as well as their daily drivers in some cases.  On the way down, we were rather light, with only a 1950's Studebaker, 2 older 2-stroke motorcycles for a collector of these types of bikes, and a Shelby Mustang race car which was dropped in Savannah on our way down for a weekend of vintage racing at Roebling Road Raceway in Georgia.  We were full on our way back, with a 300SL Mercedes, a newer Thunderbird convertible, a 1965 Mustang Convertible, a 1968 GTO, and a late 1960's Mercedes 190SL.  Of course, we picked up the Shelby back in Savannah, too. Apri 2, 2009 - Slight change of plans, and instead of taking a small truck, we made the Florida run with the tractor trailer, delivering a Jeepster, a 1956 Mercedes 300, a Porsche 914 and a little 1930's Austin/Bantum.  On the way back we had mostly daily drivers for some of our auto enthusiast snowbird customers who winter in the south.  In addition, though, we did have a highly modified Dodge Viper on board, supposedly capable of generating 2000 hp - hold on!  Also one of the vehicles was  a nice 1980's vintage Jag convertible.  The trailers we planned on bringing back will have to wait until a future trip - customers first!Early April, 2009 - We are taking one of the small trucks to Florida early next week, delivering a 1950's Jeep Wagoneer and, believe it or not, another Bantum.  On the way back, we are bringing a load of single place auto transport trailers and single and tandem axle landscape trailers which we resell from both the Goffstown, NH and Plantsville, CT locations. March 25, 2009 - Don Sr. is in Virginia and Pennsylvania delivering vehicles on the return trip from California.  We returned with a fully restored 1940 Ford convertible, a late model Plymouth Prowler, a 1971 Mercury Couger convertible, an unrestored early 70's BMW 2002, another Bantum (lots of these things moving around lately!), as well as 68-72 rust free GM pickup truck cabs and beds which Don Sr. sells as a sideline business back east. Early March ,2009 - We are now accepting vehicles for our next coast-to-coast trip with the 6 car enclosed transporter.  We have openings for all classic, antique, and specialty vehicles, requiring transport between the Northeast and the Southwest/Westcoast.  As of March 1, the truck is full going out, with a total of 7 vehicles scheduled, including a Bantum and 2 Austin Healey's which allow us to squeeze in the 7th vehcile.  On the way back East we have two open spaces as it now stands, but we are filling up quickly, so call or email for availability.First week of March 2009 - We'll be at Sebring International Raceway in Florida with Cobra Automotive, Inc. of Wallingford CT  We regularly transport vintage Shelby Mustangs, Cobra's, GT-40's, and Camaros - as part of Cobra's vintage racing schedule. 


    • Mid February 2009 - Due to a delay in the second Navy cradle - these things happen -  we squeezed in a trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin between the two runs to Florida.  We brought out a 53 Ford, a 55 Chevy Wagon, a Hudson, and a mint original 1986 low mile Chevy Pickup out to the Great Lakes region.   Due to the last minute scheduling, we only had a tiny Metropolitan Nash in the trailer on the way home.  No worries, though!  The new owner was thrilled and thought it was pretty funny that the little car was all alone in such a large trailer!

    • 3rd and 4th weeks of February 2009 - Don Sr. has two flatbed runs heading to the Florida panhandle.  We will be hauling stainless steel cradles manufactured by a local NH company which hold submersibles when they are stored on the decks of US military Navy ships.  Each cradle is approximately 22 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 8 feet high.  We will be returning after each trip with room on the 53' drop deck open trailer.  We can accomodate 4 small cars, or 3 larger vehicles heading from Florida or Georgia to any point north.
    • January 26, 2009 - Just back from a West Coast run.  Interesting cars on the way out, transported with professional care, of course, included a 1936 Lasalle, a 1954 Corvette with 16 original miles, as well as 2 Ford Falcons, and a Metropolitan Nash.  On the way back, we had a 1936 Chevy pickup truck, a 1958 Corvette, a Ford Ranchero, a 1972 Chevy pickup plus lots of spare parts, and a Mustang GT.



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